Published in peer-reviewed journals

Below is a list of scientific publications describing the use of the AeroForm Tissue Expander System:

AeroForm and Radiation
Zissiadis Y, Gilliman J, Rad ISB, et al. Development of a treatment technique for the AeroForm™ tissue expander breast implant system–A single department experience. Int J Radiol Radiat Ther. 2018;5(5):293‒297. DOI: 10.15406/ijrrt.2018.05.00182

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Tran, T et al. A dosimetric analysis of the aeroform™ tissue expander in radiation therapy. Int J Cancer Ther Oncol. 2014;2(3):1-6.

Clinical Trials
Connell, AF. Patient-Activated Controlled Expansion for Breast Reconstruction with Controlled Carbon Dioxide Inflation: A Feasibility Study. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2011;128(4):848-852.

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AeroForm Human Factors Study
Kelley K et al. Human Factors Validation of the AeroForm Tissue Expander System for Breast Reconstruction. Plast Surg Nurs. 2017;37(3):100-102.

Animal Study
Jacobs, DI et al. CO2-Based Tissue Expansion: A Study of Initial Performance in Ovine Subjects. Aesthet Surg J. 2012;32(1):103- 109.

AeroForm and Air Travel
Payne FM et al. Description of the AeroForm CO2-Based Tissue Expander and Assessment of the Effect of Pressurized Cabin Air Travel. J Med Dev. 2015;MED-15-1011: 1-24. J Med Dev 2015; 2015;MED-15-1011: 1-24.

Early Experience
Hsieh F, Lam TC. Evaluation of AirXpanders for Breast Reconstruction: Early Experience from Sydney. Plast Reconstr Surg Glob Open. 2015;3(e95).