Our Technology

AirXpanders has developed a breast tissue expander, which may address the shortcomings and limitations of conventional saline-based tissue expanders.



– a patient controlled tissue expander system for patients choosing reconstructive surgery following a mastectomy.


Bringing Innovation to Tissue Expansion

  • Needle Free

  • Faster Expansion

  • Less Pain

  • Controlled Daily Expansion

  • Shorter Recovery



airXpanders, breast reconstruction, tissue expander, aeroformThe AeroForm patient controlled tissue expander offers a small, handheld wireless controller, that eliminates the need for percutaneous saline injections.

AeroForm utilizes compressed carbon dioxide (CO2) delivered through a small internal valve. Following a standard implant procedure, the patient can fully regulate the expansion protocol directed by their surgeon in the comfort of their own home instead of inconvenient office visits.

The AeroForm tissue expander system offers a new choice and can take as little as a few weeks for full expansion, as reported in a clinical study conducted by AirXpanders. The end result demonstrated that the patient could achieve full tissue expansion sooner, allowing her to regain her shape and normalcy in her daily life.



Intended Benefits of the AeroformTM Tissue Expanders

Needle Free Design
AeroForm eliminates the need for needle-based injections, which may save physicians’ time, and reduces costs and resources required to manage the patient during the expansion process. This may mean fewer office visits, less discomfort and less anxiety during the expansion process.

Patient Controlled Daily Expansion
AeroForm allows up to three physician prescribed 10cc doses per day, administered by the patient in the comfort of their own home.

airXpanders, Aeroform, Breast reconstruction

Anatomically Shaped
AeroForm comes in a pre-determined implant shape, which offers a natural appearance. The AeroForm tissue expander allows for lower pole emphasis and is light weight at volume.


Short Reconstruction Time
AeroForm achieved full tissue expansion in a few weeks in a recently published clinical trial. This may make it possible for the patient to schedule and complete their breast reconstruction much sooner.