What is the AeroForm®?

The AeroForm® is a needle-free wireless tissue expander for patients that choose to have reconstructive surgery following a mastectomy. Through the use of a wireless dose  control (somewhat like a remote), device, patients independently inflate the expander in the comfort of their own home.

The physician places a small amount of volume in the device during the surgery. Once her surgical incisions have healed, the patient uses the wireless dose controller to control the expansion process at home.

With the simple push of a button from the wireless dose controller, the prescribed amount of fill is delivered to the expander quickly and comfortably, allowing the patient to continue with her daily activities.

What are the benefits of the AeroForm® compared to the traditional methods?

For many patients, the thought of yet another painful breast procedure involving needles is a major barrier to having breast reconstruction surgery. The AeroForm® technology effectively removes this specter with a patient-controlled, needle-free option.

Patients are able to achieve full tissue expansion in weeks rather than months, allowing them to regain their shape sooner following a mastectomy2. It also means they spend less time in their physician’s office and more time recovering, spending time with family and friends, or doing the things the patient values most.

How does AeroForm® work?

The AeroForm® allows each patient to control the tissue expander with a handheld wireless dose controller, eliminating the need for painful, high-volume saline injections  in the physician’s office.

This controller administers small amounts of compressed carbon dioxide (CO2) up to three times daily into the device to gradually stretch the skin to prepare for a permanent breast implant.

How many patients have used it?

In November 2013, the AeroForm® was granted TGA approval in Australia, and reimbursement under Medicare in November 2014. To date, AeroForm® has been successfully implanted in over 400 patients worldwide.

Key Features

  • Needle-free design
  • Patient controlled daily expansion
  • Pre-determined anatomical shape
  • Shorter time to full reconstruction from months to weeks1
  • Easy to use – single button activation and controlled dose
  • Reduce overall time in the physician’s office2
  • Patients are able to play an active role in managing their recovery

Where can I find more information?

For more information about the AeroForm®, tissue expansion or reconstructive breast surgery speak, to your physician. You can also  call the patient information hotline at 650-390-9000 for the U.S. headquarters, or 1-800-778-662 for our Australia customer service.

The information on this page is not intended to replace the advice of a qualified physician. Consult with your physician for information on whether breast reconstruction surgery and the AeroForm® device is suitable for you.

More women than ever before are opting for reconstructive breast surgery following a mastectomy1. For those that choose to receive reconstruction following surgery, a physician may implant what are called ’tissue expanders’ to help prepare a space for the permanent implants.

Tissue expanders help the body ‘grow’ extra skin and tissue to ensure the body is prepared for the breast reconstruction. Traditionally, this has often been a long, painful experience due to the use of needle-based saline expanders which need to be injected in the physician’s office.

The AeroForm® offers an alternative, needle free option that gives a woman a faster way to recover her body post breast cancer surgery, that she controls.


From beginning to end with the AeroForm®, my experience had been nothing less than stellar. I had minimal pain and truly very little discomfort and didn’t have to use excessive pain medication.

- Joan Greffrath, 57

Massachusetts, USA

The AeroForm® allowed me to continue my activities without numerous doctor appointments and the painful injections required for traditional expansion.

I was also in charge of my own expansion. I could expand in the privacy of my own home and expand to my own desired size.

– Marcy Burns, 61

California, USA

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Melbourne VIC 3000

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