AirXpanders® – About Us

Moving Life Forward…

AirXpanders® is a U.S.-based medical device company focused on the design, manufacturing, and distribution of AeroForm®, a revolutionary patient-controlled tissue expander system used in patients undergoing breast reconstruction following a mastectomy. The AeroForm is able to significantly improve the often painful process of preparing for breast reconstruction via a faster and less invasive method that moves beyond the limitations of conventional saline-based tissue expanders.

Our Vision

AirXpanders® vision is to develop inspired technology that significantly improves the experience of breast reconstruction for patients and their physicians, allowing for simpler, less painful, and faster recovery following a mastectomy.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support women in their breast cancer reconstruction recovery by developing a technology that eliminates saline injections and enables faster expansion with less pain, while empowering the patient to play an active role in recovering her shape following a mastectomy.

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